Employment requirements

An individual who is employed as a personal care assistant must:

1. Be 18 years of age or older.
2. Be employed by a PCA provider agency.
3. Initiate and clear a criminal background study.
4. Enroll with the DHS as a PCA once all employment criteria are met.
An individual who is employed as a Personal Care Assistant must:
1. Effectively communicate with the person and the PCA provider agency.
2. Be able to provide covered PCA services according to the person’s PCA care plan.
3. Respond appropriately to the person’s needs.
4. Report changes in the person’s condition to the qualified professional.
5. Maintain daily written records including, but not limited to, time sheets.
6. Complete training and orientation on the needs of the recipient.
7. Be supervised by the consumer or the qualified professional.

A person age 16-17 years old may be a PCA with the following additional requirements:

  • Employed by only one PCA provider agency responsible for compliance with current labor laws
  • Supervised by a (QP) Qualified Professional every 60 days

A personal care assistant may not be the:

  • Paid legal guardian of an adult
  • Legal guardian of a minor
  • Parent or stepparent of a minor child recipient
  • Recipient of PCA services
  • Responsible party of a recipient
  • Spouse of a recipient

A PCA is limited to providing and being paid for up to 275 hours per month of PCA regardless of the number of recipients being served or the number of PCA provider agencies enrolled with.

Application process:

1.Complete the Application and Background Study (above). Return it with a copy of your drivers license and social security card by email.
Fax: 952-314-8484 
Email: heart2handshomecare@gmail.com

2. Complete the required online training (below) and fax or email the certificate.

3. Once the PCA background study has passed, we will email the Employment Packet to be completed and returned by the PCA.

Required DHS Individualized PCA Training:

​All PCA employees are required to complete Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) Individualized PCA Training as mandated by the legislature on January 1st, 2010.

To register for training you must have a valid email address where you will receive your training certificate. The training will take approximately 30-45 minutes. PCA's must pass with at least an 80% score (the test can be taken numerous times until a passing score is achieved). 

The certificate is valid for all PCA providers.Once the PCA has passed the required training, please fax us a copy of the certification to 952-314-8484 or email or mail us a copy of the certificate.

For any new hire, the training must be completed during the application process before they begin working. 

Training Specific Questions: 

 DHS Email: DSD.ResponseCenter@state.mn.us

Phone: 651-431-4300 Toll Free: 1-866-267-7655

Other Required Training:

  • HIPAA-https://hipaacourses.dhs.state.mn.us/privacy/index.htm

Additional Training:

  • Fall Prevention-http://www.agingservicesmn.org/providers/clinical-excellence/fall-prevention-toolkit/prevention

Fraud, Waste and Abuse:

DHS Fraud Training http://registrations.dhs.state.mn.us/PCACourse/Module_08/en/0101.htm